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What People Are Saying...
Here are 10 reviews from Pastors around the United States concerning our family and ministry.

Businesses and Ministries We Recommend
We spend two years traveling across the country, watching God work through missions-minded people. Here are a few with whom your dollars will be well-spent.
Beaulieu's Upright Auto Repair - Located in Chelsea, Maine, this place is owned and
                                       operated by a Christian that treats his customers fairly and              

Shopping 4 Missions - Candles made from 100% soy wax,  a few are scented with 100%
                                        pure Essential Oils. Purchases can be made through their website.
                                        All sales go to support missionaries.

Premier Designs (by Erica Crites) - This lady loves missions and uses her MLM
                                        distributorship to help her family support the work God has called
                                        them to.
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