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Thinker, Planner, Teacher.


Originally from Washington State, I was saved when I was age seven and soon baptized at Calvary Baptist Church in Roy. Having been called to full-time ministry and having gained some practical ministry experience working in a Sunday school class and being trained by the Outreach Pastor, I moved to Oklahoma City in 2006 to continue my studies and later graduate from Heartland Baptist Bible College in May 2010.


During the summer of 2009, I received an invitation to visit Russia on a three-month long missions trip. I prayed that God would reveal His will in a way that only He could. Sure enough, God answered my prayers by showing me that Russia is where I am meant to serve Him. After graduating from Bible college, I enrolled at Oklahoma Baptist College for a semester to study Russian.


Advisor, Mother, Adventurer.


Born in Tuscon and saved at age four, I had a regular American childhood until my parents surrendered to be missionaries overseas in Ukraine. From then on, God allowed me to join them on the adventure of being a missionary kid and experiencing things that rarely any other American child gets to experience. Growing up in Ukraine and studying at the local university, I attained a proficient fluency of the Russian language and a fair grasp on the Ukrainian language. I esteem Kharkov, Ukraine as my second home.

I am glad that God brought my husband Jonathan and I together. We were married in Kharkov on June 21, 2012 in a Russian/American blend-styled wedding. Our pastor, Pastor Keith Troyer, has been overseas to Ukraine twice to help my family build their church building. Jonathan and I are thankful for where the Lord has us and we are excited for what God intends to do in our lives.

Katrina's Testimony - Katrina Skean

Charmer, Trooper, Cheerleader.


Hello, my name is Vivian. I was born in October of 2014. I'm excited about being a little missionary with my family. We get to travel, meet new people, and see all sorts of new things. Usually, I'm pretty happy and like to go for car rides. Everyone says that I'm "pretty content" - whatever that means. I'll ask mommy later.

Daddy and mommy say that they plan on having school at home and that I'll learn both English and Russian. They even gave me a middle name that translates into Russian as "Vera" so that I'll be able to fit in better with the other kids. I will be an important part of their ministry in Russia. Pray for my family. We have many miles ahead of us and need your support.


Explorer, Toddler, Smiler.


Hi, I see that you've already met my older sister. Well, let me tell you a little bit about myself (or really have Daddy write it for me).
My name is Cherith and I was born in March of 2017. Honestly, I'm really not too sure about all of this traveling stuff yet.

I'm thankful for parents and grandparents who love me - and for a sister who is always excited to see me! I celebrated my first birthday overseas and will probably be more fluent in Russian than I will be in English. There is a potentially bright future ahead of me as my parents serve the Lord.

My middle name is Hope - or "Nadya" (a common Russian name).

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