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We are independent Baptist messengers to the Russian Federation, ready to follow the Lord!

Thank you, first of all, for visiting us here. It is important to our family that you learn exactly what we do and why sending missionaries to Russia is so vital to reaching the 143 million people in that country for Christ.

Russia is indeed a spiritually-needy country as our missions video featured here explains. What Russia needs is independent Baptist churches in America and Canada to love their souls enough to send Bible-believeing Baptist missionaries - who are focused on starting indigenous churches. By leading souls to Christ and discipling them into a life of obedience to our Lord, we can make a difference in the lives of countless Russians.

We are privileged to be sent from Grace Baptist Church in Greenville, Pennsylvania under the leadership of Pastor Keith Troyer. They stand behind us now and are praying that more churches of like faith and practice would join in the effort to send the Light of the Gospel to a dark place.

Please take the few moments that are necessary to familiarize yourself with this ministry, our family, and your opportunity to jump in and be an essential part of rescuing lost souls from an eternal Hell.


The untold millions are waiting on you.


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